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As of 7/15/2023, the next development in the Duncan V Bonta case is unknown.


What is Freedom Week 2.0?

Freedom Week 2.0 is the supposed date when standard capacity (High capacity) will become legal to own and use. It is called Freedom Week 2.0 because in April of 2019 Freedom Week 1.0 took place. Freedom Week 1.0 was a result of a decision that was stayed and allowed Californians for 1 week to buy and own standard capacity magazines.

Freedom Week 2.0 should in theory overturn the entire high capacity magazine ban!

How does the preorder work?

The preorder is in place because of the fact that millions of magazines were purchased during Freedom Week 1.0. If Freedom Week 2.0 were to happen you would be hard pressed to find everything you wanted. The preorder physically gaurentees your magazine.

The preorder will end the day of a final decision of the Duncan V. Bonta case. Preorders placed within three (3) days of the final decision are not guaranteed to be in stock and/or arrive in a timely manner. Place your orders early!

For legal purposes, the "FREEDOM WEEK PREORDER" is not proof of ownership and/or a receipt for a high capacity magazine. The magazines will be shipped to the customer in a legal and compliant configuration.

What happens if Freedom Week 2.0 never ends up happening?

If Freedom Week 2.0 ends up not happening the magazines will just be delivered to the customer permanently blocked to a compliant capacity with a rivet and/or block. There is no additional charge for the blocking service.

What is the refund policy?

The refund policy for preorders is as follows:

Within five (5) days of placing the preorder, the purchaser may submit a refund for the entire purchase amount. After the five (5) day period, there will be no refunds issued and all "FREEDOM WEEK PREORDERS" are final.

Can I special order a magazine not listed on the store page?

If you would like to preorder magazines not listed on the store page, please contact us for special orders.

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