Free Ammo Transfers,  Cerakoting, Middle Man Service, Firearm Sales, Manufacturing.
  • Free Ammo Transfers

    AMMO TRANSFERS ARE FREE! We only charge the $1 for the background check and applicable taxes.

    Credit Card pays additional 2.7% for processing.

    Let us know if you'd like to place a large ammunition order, we can offer discounts.

    Please call ahead or schedule an appointment!

  • Cerakoting

    Contact us for specific pricing.

    General quotes for application:

    $175 - For handgun slides and frame

    $100 - For handgun slides or frame, separately

    $230  - AR style Upper/Lower/and Handguard together

    $250 - Entire shotguns and bolt actions

    $80 - AR style Upper/Lower, separately

    $100 - AR style handguard

    $25 - Most Rifle and pistol Magazines

    $30 - for additional single colors.

    $30/hr cleaning and disassembly fee

    $250/275 - Starting price for 2 color camo pistol/rifle

  • Machining

    We offer Optic Cuts, Slide Serrations and milling, and other machining services/customization

    Contact us for profiles not listed.

    Optic Cuts, Machining, and More 
  • FFL and PPT Transfers

    Appointment Only!

    $50 for the first firearm, $25 for the second and more.

    $25 for the 1st frame/receiver, $15 for the second and more.

    Must pay all applicable taxes.


    PPT must call ahead!

    $37.19 DROS and $10 Dollar transfer fee.

  • Manufacturing, Gunsmithing, Customizing

    We manufacturer! Don't hesitate to contact us with potential projects.

    Capabilities include machining and 3d printing.

  • Middle Man Service

    We work with an out-of-state FFL who is able to configure inbound firearms to be compliant. Let us know what you'd like to bring in the state of California. Popular items include; FN SCARS, FN PS 90s, ARSENAL SAM7R, and more.

  • Personal Orders

    Contact us if you have anything you would like to order. Anything from ammo, firearms, gear, accessories, and more. Popular Brands include; Glock, Kimber, Rock Island Armory, Daniel Defense, H&K, and more.

  • FSC Test and Card

    Take your FSC test with us!

    $25 dollars for test and card.

  • Various SSE firearms

    AR, AK, Uzi-style, and more comming soon!